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Safety Connect-the ultimate Digital HSE management System

By coupling AI,Seamless user interface and  intuitive digital engines,Safety connect has built a plateform which …

Sprint towards digital excellence in HSE with Safety connect

SafetyConnect works towards achieving excellence in digital safety, health,and environment solutions.

Efficient Compliance and
Performance Management

Monitor compliance with our efficient 6 module system which has been carefully designed by industry experts.

Step towards high level security
using AWS Cloud

SafetyConnect makes no compromise on security.By using Amazon Web Services (AWS)infrastructure and services it ensures…


Monitor compliance with our efficient 6 module system which has been carefully designed by industry experts

Bringiing an innovative &simple process flow for feedback & observation process

Reporting incidents and accidents will help in gathering the data. Using AI, the incidents and accidents will be dealt with the proper actionable insights.

  • Different forms will be provided. Custom forms and built-in OSHA forms.
  • Incidents and Accidents reporting will be easy to use. A whole team can work on that by assigning roles to fill the section of the forms or an individual can do it alone.
  • Accident and Incident Analytics will help summarize the data gathered from the form submissions.
  • Audit & inspection forms library to make process efficient & simpler.
  • Simple and elegant user interface to enhance usability.
  • Encourage audit compliance standards across multiple locations.
  • Mobile applications providing flexibility to auditors with regards to evaulation
  • Using data science to enable performance measurement

The Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) is an easy-to-complete tool comprised of safety-related questions to help assess your organization’s workplace safety culture, is relevant to all sectors and organizational sizes, and can track change over time.

Increasingly, organizations are becoming aware of the importance of transforming organizational culture to improve worker’s safety.

  •        The growing interest in safety culture has been accompanied by the need for assessment tools focused on the cultural aspects of worker’s safety improvement efforts.
  •   SafetyConnect safety culture assessment is AI-driven.
  •    The results that are generated after assessing the questionnaire are all AI-based.
  • SafetyConnect converts the forms into visual forms to help people that cannot read or write.
  •    All the reports that are generated through assessment are autogenerated.
  •      The assessment form can be export as a pdf.
  •    A survey scheduler will help the supervisor assign the task to fill the questionnaire by coworkers. Assessment works in the form of hierarchy and is multilingual so that it can be filled with ease.


  • Online learning management system for individuals to increase competency.
  • Learn on the go, anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Easy for managers to assign courses to team members and measure progress.
  • Create courses and content customized as per requirements of your organization.
  • Bring gamification to encourage learning for team members

Risk assessment is the process of identifying the risk and hazards, analyzing and evaluating the risk associated with the hazard, and determine the appropriate ways to remove the hazard.

A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those situations that may cause harm.

After identification is made, you analyze and evaluate how likely and severe the risk is.

When this determination is made, you can next, decide what measures should be in place to effectively eliminate harm from happening.

  • Risk assessment in the SafetyConnect works in the same way.
  • A potential risk matrix is defined based on the numbers to evaluate the risk hazard.
  • Likelihood is to define the Probability of the risk in number and Severity is to assess the seriousness of the possible hazard.
  • With the help of AI, a potential actual risk is calculated to define the overall risk matrix of a possible hazard.


Monitor compliance with our efficient 6 module system which has been carefully designed by  industry experts

Work together to achieve health and safety goals through features like messaging tagging and comments.

  • Messaging among the team members to discuss a situation or to assign a task.
  • Tagging is a useful tool to tag the team members in a task and assign a task.
  • Comments is for conveying information about a task.
  • An intuitive visualization of meaningful information.
  • Actionable insights to enable quick decision making.
  • Using data science to find insights.
  • Enabling managers to always be aware of important aspect of projects.

Easy and Simple UI is built for the people to use it with ease. An intuitive and friendly user interface design for the best experience and simplifying the process.

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