Observation and feedback 

bringing an innovative and simple process flow for
feedback and observation process

User interface built for

An intuitive and friendly user interface design for the best experience and simplifying the process.

Comments and messaging

Using comments & messaging as a tool for collaboration among teams.

Catered repeated observation

Catering for repeated observations on the basis of artificial intelligence

Actions and recommendations

Using comments & messaging as a tool for collaboration among teams.

Proof for closure

Option to submit proof for closure of observations

Incident and accident reporting

  1. Simple workflow for incident & accident reporting.
  2. Generate forms such as RIDDOR and OSHA 301.
  3. Using data science to provided actionable insights on incident & accidents.

Audit and inspection reporting

  1. Audit & inspection forms library to make process efficient & simpler.
  2. Simple and elegant user interface to enhance usability.
  3. Encourage audit compliance standards across multiple locations.
  4. Mobile applications providing flexibility to auditors with regards to
  5. Using data science to enable performance measurement.

Learning management system

  1. Online learning management system for individuals to increase competency.
  2. Learn on the go, anywhere and at your own pace.
  3. Easy for managers to assign courses to team members and measure progress.
  4. Create courses and content customized as per requirements of your organization.
  5. Bring gamification to encourage learning for team members.

Data analytics dashboard

  1. An intuitive visualization of meaningful information.
  2. Actionable insights to enable quick decision making.
  3. Using data science to find insights.
  4. Enabling managers to always be aware of important aspect of projects.
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