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By coupling AI, Seamless user interface and intuitive digital engines, Safety connect has built a By coupling AI, Seamless user interface digital engines, Safety connect has built

Easy access to real time analytics, monitoring workflows and efficient reporting, and all other are features make it a go to Health and safe product.


Work together to achieve health and safety goals through features like messaging tagging and comments

Analytics & Dashboard

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EHS software usually does not emphasize in-app interaction between users which results in a lack of coordination between team members. The collaboration feature will make a strong connection between team members which will generate better results in management.

Simple & Intuitive UI

Easy and Simple UI is built for the people to use it with ease. An intuitive and friendly user interface design for the best experience and simplifying the process.

Step towards high level security using AWS Cloud

SafetyConnect makes no compromise on security. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and services it ensures complete security by protecting your information, identities, applications, and devices.

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EHS Software is usually complex and most of the users have a high learnability rate, so simple & intuitive UI gives the option of making our audience bigger, resulting in proactive approaches being used in health &  safety management.

On-Premise Vs Off-Premise Deployment

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